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March 29, 2023

SITREP Pod: Free Shahab Dalili, American hostage in Iran | Pod Hostage Diplomacy

SITREP Pod: Free Shahab Dalili, American hostage in Iran | Pod Hostage Diplomacy
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Shahab Dalili is a United States lawful permanent resident from Virginia. His wife and children are all U.S. citizens. In April 2016, Shahab went to Tehran to attend his father’s funeral. He was then arrested and has been wrongfully imprisoned in Iran to this day.

According to recent news reports, there have been discussions of a potential prisoner exchange between the United States and Iran. The U.S. government has stated that no deal has been agreed. Shahab’s family are very worried that he may be left behind by the United States government if a prisoner exchange deal does go ahead.

On this episode, we have the honour of speaking once again to Shahab’s son, Darian Dalili. We discuss the Robert Levinson Hostage Recovery and Hostage Taking Accountability Act which has been signed into U.S. law, the fire in Evin prison last year where Shahab is being held, the release of American citizen Baquer Namazi who was held hostage in Iran since 2016, the potential prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Iran as well as what the U.S. State Department, Congress and President Biden should do. 

We then end this episode discussing what journalists and the public can do to help free Shahab Dalili and bring him back home to Virginia.

If you prefer, you can watch the video version of this interview on YouTube

For more information on Shahab Dalili, please check out the following:

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