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Excellent, informative, awareness building

Daren is a good friend of mine. He worked tirelessly on the FreeNazanine campaign and through that I learnt of this podcast. I love how he shares good news and bad - as we all need to hear good news too - to give us hope. Excellently delivered - allowing time to reflect and think, how we can help. Thanks Daren - keep up the good work.

Puts a very human face on these “names”

Grateful to Mr Nair for this show. Essential listening, as it makes the names of these hostages, often hard names to remember, completely relatable and easier to help them in what small ways we can.

Amazing work and dedication

Daren is doing amazing work connecting with families whose loved ones have been taken abroad and dives into the toll that it takes on the families and the hostages. I wish this podcast had been on my radar when my dad was taken in Venezuela, as it offers a great deal of information on how to navigate these difficult situations and the politics involved. Thank you, Daren.


Such an important podcast and source of information that doesn’t get enough aired enough elsewhere.

Inspiring, informative and compassionate podcast.

Daren Nair is an amazing host who has on the most resilient families I’ve ever heard speak. This show is truly a Godsend to these cases as it helps highlight them in depth and giving a chance for the families to go into more detail about their loved one’s case. The stories are heartbreaking but also inspirational to see how strong humans can be. This is a must-follow-must-listen podcast for all!! It’s truly wonderful to hear these families have a voice and many kudos for Daren’s hard work in helping amplify their message!

Good to listen

Very powerful podcast which helps hostages and their families to raise their voice to the world. Everyone shall listen to every episode to understand what is happening with hostages and their families. Thanks to Daren to start this podcast.

A voice for those being denied basic human rights

The Pod Hostage Diplomacy team does an incredibly job highlighting cases of those held hostage or illegally detained around the world by corrupt and violent regimes. The families of hostages go through enormous pain, this podcast series is platform to share their stories and call for action among the diplomatic leaders of our world. Thank you Daren and everyone at Pod Hostage Diplomacy for giving a voice to those being silenced. These cases need more attention from the global community.

Deserves far more attention

This podcast series deserves far more attention. A world where ordinary citizens can be kidnapped by foreign governments and non-state organizations for political leverage is a scary one. Daren does a terrific job highlighting the issue of hostage-taking and arbitrary detention with in-depth interviews with victims or their family members. He lets the interviewees do most of the talking, enabling their horrifying stories to shine through.

Great podcast! Worth a listen

Informative, powerful and relevant. Worth a listen. Produced and presented very well, shining a light on a topic not talked about enough by both the media or politicians. Great work, keep it up!


Excellent, powerful and insightful podcast. Well worth a listen.

How we can end hostage diplomacy

Great podcast! Every week I wait excited for the next episode and learned how we can help to end hostage diplomacy. Thank you Daren for tireless campaigning